2020 Strategies Update Available for Review

2015 Delaware Strategies for State Policies and Spending

On April 14, 2016, Governor Jack Markell approved the 2015 Delaware Strategies for State Policies and Spending by Executive Order 59. The final document along with maps and data can be found using the buttons below.

The purpose of the Strategies for State Policies and Spending (aka the State Strategies) is to coordinate land-use decision-making with the provision of infrastructure and services in a manner that makes the best use of our natural and fiscal resources. The importance of such coordination lies in the fact that land-use decisions are made at the local level, while the bulk of infrastructure (e.g., roads and schools) and services (e.g., emergency services and social services) that support land-use decisions are funded by the state. The development of the State Strategies with local governments and citizens helps to create a unified view toward growth and preservation priorities that all governments can use to allocate resources.

Please Be Aware: The policies and maps in the State Strategies are used to direct State investments. The maps are not parcel based, nor are they land use plans. The State had delegated land-use authority to the local governments. Any land development activity must be in compliance with comprehensive plans and relevant codes and ordinances adopted by the local government.