2023 Annual Report on State Planning Issues

The Office of State Planning Coordination (OSPC) proudly presents this Annual Report on behalf of the Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues (CCSPI), in accordance with Delaware Code (29 Del. C. c. 91).

Planning is a collaborative effort involving the State, local governments, and the private sector. We have the tools and relationships to protect our environment and quality of life while growing our economy and adapting to a changing population. Read our 2023 Annual Report to see how State agencies have worked diligently to implement the State Strategies for Policies and Spending, and how our local governments have been developing comprehensive plans and ordinances that are innovative and responsive to local conditions. This year’s report features a special section titled “Delaware is Home: A Framework to Increase Housing Options” that sheds light on a growing housing affordability issue and provides some potential strategies to address it. Thank you for your interest in planning Delaware’s future.

Annual Report

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