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Investment Areas Overview

In this Strategy document, the map area designations will remain as they are currently referred to in the 2004 document - Investment Levels 1, 2, 3, 4, and Out of Play.

It should be noted that the Levels are not meant as ascending levels of importance, but rather as a way to distinguish the different types of funding priorities within each area. Levels 1 -3, are the areas that state policies will support growth and economic development activities with Levels 1 and 2 being the primary focus. In these areas, the State would like to see local government land use policies that promote higher densities and mixed-use type development such that complete communities can be developed where people could live, play, work and shop.

Level 4 is where state policies will support agriculture and open-space activities including the promotion of agriculture industry support activities. In these areas, the state would like to see local government land use policies that are rural in nature and that will support agribusiness activities where appropriate.

Out-of-Play Areas are lands that are not available for development or for redevelopment. These include publicly-owned lands, lands for which serious legal constraints on development are identified and lands in some form of permanent open-space protection (such as Ag-land or open space).

It should also be noted that, at times, state infrastructure investments may not seem appropriate based on the area description, but that, circumstances may exist where such investments would be deemed appropriate where state and local governments agree that such actions are necessary to address unforeseen circumstances involving public health, safety, or welfare.

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