Office of State Planning Coordination


The Delaware Office of Management and Budget has published a set of GRID datasets showing impervious surface areas as derived from 2007 aerial photography. The data were collected as part of a larger project to update statewide orthophotography, elevation data, and land use/land cover. The project was funded by the Delaware Office of Management and Budget, DelDOT, DNREC, all three Delaware counties, the City of Dover, and the federal government.

The impervious surface data are presented in GRID file format, readable by most GIS software tools. They are presented in four regional datasets:

Sussex County has been divided (for purposes of making smaller, more manageable datasets) along an imaginary north/south line drawn just east of Georgetown. Full metadata is included with each ZIPPED dataset collection. These datasets are presented in the Delaware State Plane Coordinate System, using the North American Datum of 1983, in meters.

These datasets are intended for display and planning purposes only and should not be considered regulatory data unless so designated by appropriate regulatory agencies under any applicable state law.

Last Updated: Thursday, 26-Jun-2014 12:52:53 EDT
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