Office of State Planning Coordination

A Delaware Spatial Data Catalogue

Search for Delaware Data on the GeoSpatial OneStop
The widget below provides a simple text-search of geospatial data holdings for Delaware for which metadata has been published on the federal government's Geospatial OneStop (GOS). It was developed by the GOS team and customized to limit searches to metadata for GIS data sets whose footprint falls within a bounding box around the state of Delaware. (Given our state's shape, however, you may see some results from New Jersey.)

A Listing by Data Catagories

This is a catalogue of some of the key geospatial data resources for the state of Delaware. For each data set, we include a title, a data steward and stewardship agency, telephone and e-mail contact information and links (where available) to metadata, a data web site, and direct data download. Where we don't have an appropriate link, you will find yourself on our "oops" page.

This collection is based on searches of the Inventory and of GOS and on our knowledge of the data resources of the state. We're not perfect, however, and we do miss things. If there is data that you are aware of that is not listed here, please contact Mike Mahaffie at

These resources are organized into major data categories determined by the International Standards Organization (ISO) as follows:

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