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Designing with Density in Delaware - Delaware Examples

Most people do not realize that higher density does not necessarily mean ugliness. However, one cannot assume what a neighborhood will look like based on density numbers alone. If the design is creative and well conceived, one can increase density without people being aware of it.

There are three major alternatives to low-density development. These include: 1) bounded high density; 2) limited spread, mixed density growth, and 3) new communities and green belts. Most of the examples for Delaware are categorized under the second alternative, limited spread. Believe it or not, Delaware has numerous examples of how good design with higher density can be incorporated into our communities. Because of Delaware’s mostly ‘small-town’ feel, there are great opportunities to put appropriate growth where it is fitting. Many Delaware residents love that cozy feeling that their closely-knit community provides; it should because there is a lot to offer. One study (Fischer, 1982) found that individuals residing in semi-rural areas have the most local ties, followed by small towns and the central city. Suburban communities had the fewest local ties because sprawl decreased the opportunities for spontaneous social interaction in the community.

Even in areas of the state that are riddled with sprawl, there lies hope. In-fill development offers a wonderful opportunity to keep growth bounded and as it should be.

Let us take a look at just a few of these well-designed communities across our state. You tell me, would you want to live there? Most people would love such an opportunity.

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