Seaford Local Incentives

Delaware Downtown Development District
Delaware Downtown Development District
Delaware Downtown Development District

Reinvestment Tax Incentive
Substantial qualifying improvements may receive a 10-year rebate (upfront cash payment) from the City for taxable value of improvements.

Sidewalk Loan Program
4-year, no interest loan up to $2,000 for sidewalk/curb repairs

C-3 Riverfront Enterprise Zone
Mixed-use zoning district encompassing 50-acre Riverfront area that allows for downtown style development.

Fee Reduction Incentive
Fee reduction for water capacity charge, downstream sewer assessment and electric system cost recovery fee.

C-3 Zone Facade Improvement Program
5-year tax reduction on expenses above $25,000 – cannot exceed 50%. The percentage would equate to the amount of tax reduction the property the property owner would receive for the 5-year period.

Fee Waiver for Water and Sewer Tap Fees
Waives the tap fees for water and sewer for large project investors.

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