Harrington Local Incentives

Delaware Downtown Development District
Delaware Downtown Development District
Delaware Downtown Development District

Business License Fee Waiver for New Businesses
Waiver of business license for 3 years for new businesses in the DDD.

Category A or B Plan Review Fee Reduction Category A or B Priority Review Status
One time reduction of fees ($200) for any project in the DDD requiring site plan approval (Category A or B). In addition site plan reviews will be expedited (10 day review) for projects located in the DDD (Category A or B).

First Time Home Buyer Tax Abatement
Abatement of first property tax bill for first-time homebuyers in the DDD.

Downtown Revitalization Area Tax Incentive Program Expedited Review Process
Sliding scale (partial exemption) from property taxes based on value of exterior improvements facing the street. Ranging from 20%-80% for 2-5 years based on cost of improvements.

Transfer Tax Waiver for First-Time Home Buyers
Waiver of City's portion of the realty transfer tax for first-time homebuyers.

Impact Fee Waiver for Job Creation
Eligible applicants qualify for impact fee waivers based upon number of jobs created.

Permit and Other Fee Reductions for Job Creation
Businesses with 10% of employees living in the town limits may be eligible for administrative fee reductions at the discretion of the City Manager.

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