Georgetown Local Incentives

Delaware Downtown Development District
Delaware Downtown Development District
Delaware Downtown Development District

10 Year Property Tax Increase Phase In
This program will phase-in the property tax increases associated with improvements to a site. A 10% per year phase-in will result in reduction of taxes over a 10 year period.

Business License Fee Waiver
Business License fees will be waived for 5 years. Applies to new businesses only.

Accelerated Development Review Process
Any projects that are in complete compliance with the Town Zoning code will be administratively approved. All reviews controlled by the town of Georgetown will be completed within 3 weeks.

Building Permit Fee Reduction
Building Permit fees will be reduced based on the value of the improvement. Reductions range from a 15% up to 75% reduction. There is a chart illustrating this incentive.

Emergency Services and Georgetown Recreation, Education and Arts Trust Reduction
All projects in the DDD will be eligible for a 50% reduction in this fee.

Impact Fee (Water and Sewer) Reduction
Reductions in the Impact Fees for water and sewer will be based on the type of use. Commercial projects will see a 20% reduction; Mixed Use projects will see a 35% reduction.

Form Based Code
Georgetown will explore zoning code alternatives to yield higher quality development based on design criteria and expedited approval processes.

Facade, Sign and Awning Improvement Grant – East Market Business District only
Provides a 50/50 matching grant to assist with the needs of building facades.

Realty Transfer Tax Exemption- 1st Time Homebuyers – Town wide
First-time Homebuyers will be exempt from the realty transfer tax.

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