Dover Local Incentives

Delaware Downtown Development District
Delaware Downtown Development District
Delaware Downtown Development District

First Time Homebuyer Transfer Tax Exemption
Transfer tax exemption for first time homebuyers if property is used as principal residence.

Tax Abatement for Owner Occupied Properties
4-year property tax abatement as long as home is principal residence. The first year is a 100% tax reduction and is reduced 25% each subsequent year.

Waiver of Water/Sewer Fees
Applies to multi-story, mixed use; residential; office; and commercial uses.

Business License Fee Waiver
Waives business license fees for new businesses for three years.

Property Tax Abatement
10-year abatement of City property tax on the value of improvements.

Transfer Tax Abatement for Businesses
50% transfer tax rebate upon issuance of Certificate of Occupancy.

Facade Improvement Grants
Grants to offset the cost of facade improvements. From the Downtown Dover Partnership

Architectural Expense Reimbursement
Architectural support services up to $5,000 for new business or expansion

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