Office of State Planning Coordination


The Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues is established in 29 Del. Code, Chapter 91 and shall serve in an advisory capacity to the Governor. The Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues includes leaders of state agencies whose missions intersect with land use planning in the state, which include.

The Cabinet Committee on State Planning Issues shall consider matters relating to the orderly growth and development of the State, including, but not limited to:

  • Recommendations for the most desirable general pattern of land use within the State, in light of the best available information concerning topography, climate, soil and underground conditions, water courses and bodies of water and other natural or environmental factors, as well as in light of the best available information concerning the present and prospective economic bases of the State, trends of industrial, population or other developments, the habits and standards of life of the people of the State and the relation of land use within the State to land use within adjoining areas;
  • The major circulation pattern recommended for the State, including major routes and terminals of transportation and communication facilities, whether used for movement of people and goods within the State or for movement from and to adjoining areas;
  • Recommendations concerning the need for and the proposed general location of major public and private works and facilities, such as utilities, flood control works, water reservoirs and pollution control facilities, military or defense installations and other governmentally financed or owned facilities;
  • Recommendations on land use planning actions that are subject to review and comment pursuant to Chapter 92 of this title;
  • Preparing the Strategies for State Policies and Spending document and maps, which shall serve as the primary policy guide that summarizes the State's land use goals, policies and strategies and directs state spending into investment levels that support the most efficient use of state resources, be they physical, fiscal, or natural, except that county and municipal governments shall retain their existing autonomy with respect to the land use designations set forth in their proposed and/or adopted comprehensive plans. The Strategies for State Policies and Spending shall be updated at least every 5 years, provided that the Governor may extend the deadline at his or her discretion; and
  • Performing such other duties and responsibilities with respect to Downtown Development Districts as set forth in Chapter 19 of Title 22.
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